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de cacau


Juniper and Cacao, two titans that come together for a superior gin. The cocoa beans provide acidic, nutty and subtle toasted notes, while the juniper berries present notes of flowers and resin with a scintillating freshness.

The idea is to attain a simplicity that allows both of these star ingredients to shine: the Mediterranean juniper berries and the cacao from Hacienda Victoria, in Ecuador.

50 cl
Alc. 42% Vol.
Distilled gin


  • Like stereo sound, with one channel featuring juniper berries and the other, cacao. The first impression is the freshness of the juniper berries, followed by the cocoa beans in a second breath. This gin, with its different interpretations, presents an elegant chocolate finish. Give it time and you will discover the way the nuances come to the fore.


















    This drink should be served on its own or at the most, in synergy with a rose petal, a piece of dried apricot or the like. Aim to maximise simplicity here. We wouldn’t want to load it up with garnishes!

    The hint of spice is a trace, a tribute, an acknowledgement, and a plea to the way cacao was originally consumed. And it works! And it’s exciting!



    50 ml Ginebra de Cacau
    200 ml tonic water


    Some rose petals or any touch of spicy spice (chipotle infusion) or strips of dried apricots/peaches or tropical fruit like mango, guava, rambutan, lychee or similar


    Combine the gin and the tonic water in a Collins glass or balloon glass filled to the top with ice.



    Late afternoon or post-meal cocktail.

    Luis Buñuel’s surrealism was a defining influence for the preparation of the Dry Martini. Still, we don’t recommend throwing out the Licor de Cacau once the dry ice cubes are wet. If you find it too weak, add another part gin.

    This Cacao Dry Martini has no olives. We’re surrealists, but not that surreal!


    5 parts Ginebra de Cacau
    1 part Licor de Cacau


    En una coctelera amb molt de gel sec i de gran qualitat, hi sacsegem tots els ingredients. Un cop refredats, els aboquem en una copa de còctel i servim.

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