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What is landscape?

We are embarking on a journey through places of spiritual importance for the Roca brothers.

The Esperit Roca project interprets places through alcoholic beverages. What is landscape? First, it is a construct of the gaze. Next, it is a space that ceases to be pristine because we admire it and walk through it. It then becomes a cultural element, because it takes hold of us and we want to experience it or capture it and take it with us as a memory. A photograph, a painting, a stone, a few herbs… Nature and culture are the essential elements to interpreting the environment.
Over the last 6 years, countless beverages have been developed and served at El Celler de Can Roca as a pairings, aperitifs or post-meal tipples. From liqueurs and distilled or macerated spirits, to fortified wines, fermented fruits and legumes, and beers.
We are now launching a selection of unique products that we feel serve as the ideal starting place to showcase the project beyond the restaurant. This selection gives us the opportunity to share our passion with a broader audience.

The outer bounds
We go beyond the classic categories of spirits. We question everything and re-think it, all to open up new paths and new spirits: to make products at the outer bounds. And what are the outer bounds? They are the limits, the borders that we ought only to cross with the eye; they must be preserved in order for the land to conserve its pristine nature. Borders that can only be crossed via the gaze.

Esperit Roca was initially created with a range of products that would form the first step towards a constellation of beverages inspired on a radical interpretation of cherished places.

And so, the project will be offering a growing array of beverages that form a mosaic of regions. A journey through the senses via settings with special meaning for the Roca brothers. Culinary spots, raw materials, inspirations, travels, the street in front of their house, their parents’ garden, their aunt and uncle’s vegetable patch, the old fields of their ancestors, the forests where they used to pick wild mushrooms, fruit, healing herbs and firewood.
The herbal liqueurs embody the memories of the landscapes of our ancestors, a country with a long tradition of wines, liqueurs and intense post-meal digestifs.

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